YouthConnekt Liberia Digital Marketing Forum

Liberia Youth Digital Marketing Forum

Why Liberia Youth Digital Marketing Forum?

Africa is considered as an emerging market, with internet activity and online presence being lower than any other continent, especially Western counterparts. According to Internet World Stats, there is only a mere 26.9% of internet penetration in Africa, making up just 9.1% of the world’s users. This trend of marketing is underutilized in Liberia by start-up and emerging entrepreneurs. This is because huge bulge of Liberian start-ups does not have the capacity to marketing their businesses online or face challenges promoting their services and products online.

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.
For a new online marketer, business owner or entrepreneur in Liberia, digital marketing and online success seems out-of-reach and almost impossible to accomplish. Because of this, Liberia is often left behind by its counterparts that use digital marketing strategies. With the majority of Liberian youth businesses being offline, this means huge difficulties are to be faced if businesses in Liberia were to depend on digital marketing.

According to Mike Berry, Digital Marketing Conference 2.0; Deploying Digital Marketing for Competitive Advantage: “Digital Marketing is still a mystery to many companies in Africa – some think it is only about creating a website – that’s just the start. Some turn to their agency for help, only to find the same old answers: print, outdoor and TV (if the budget is big enough). Others take it a step further to add a Social Media presence on Twitter and Facebook or even building brand awareness via banner ads and lead generation via Google AdWords. The digital marketing picture in Africa is very fragmented at the moment, but that’s completely normal at this stage of development of Digital Marketing in any country.”

What is Liberia Youth Digital Marketing Forum?
The Liberia Youth Digital Marketing Forum is a Post COVID-19 Recover Initiative under YouthConnekt Liberia Amouwolu, iForum and eCamp Components that seeks to strengthen the business capacity for start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs. The goal of the forum is to help bridge the digital skills gap for youth in business and contribute towards achieving the SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

What Are Some Potential Topics at the Forum?

  • How to Create Market Value for Youth Liberian Start-ups
  • How to Develop a Digital Marketing Plan
  • The Who, What, Why and How of Digital Marketing
  • How to Market Your Business Online
  • Top Digital Marketing Secrets
  • Ten (10) Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Financing for Start-up Businesses
  • Digital Marketing Requirements for Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing Trends, Available Career Options
  • Personal Branding and Digital Marketing Professional



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