About the Ministry


Created by an Act of the National Legislature in 1982 as the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the mandate of the Ministry includes the direction of the affairs of youths of the nation, to enable them to most effectively discharge their responsibilities as useful citizens, contribute to the development of the Republic and promote, control and direct all programs and activities relating to sports. This mandate includes:

  • Develop the social and national consciousness of Liberian youths, male and female, educating them to be ready morally and physically to answer to the call of their country;
  • Initiate and develop plans and provide means and facilities to enable the youths of Liberia to perform public service to fulfill current needs;
  • Accredit National youth and sports organizations, federations and associations;
  • Coordinate and strengthen activities in all Liberian youth organizations in the interest of national development


Core functions are a set of activities that are central to the existence of the Ministry. They have been derived from the Ministry’s mandate as enshrined in the Act (1982) creating the Ministry. MOYS’s core functions involve Empowerment; Co-ordination; Training and Mainstreaming of youth affairs. Specifically, the Ministry’s core functions embrace:

  • Formulating, implementing, coordinating, reviewing and monitoring youth development policies;
  • Facilitating youth participation in the development processes;
  • Coordinating and monitoring youth led initiatives;
  • Advocating and promoting youth led initiatives;
  • Developing youth resource centers; and
  • Facilitating leadership, entrepreneurship and life skills training.
  •  Establishing a National Youth and sports Councils (NYC) to promote Youth and sport agenda.