Minister Wilson Appoints Members to the International Sports Committee and Announces Partnership with Sagamore Institute



Monrovia, Liberia: The Minister of Youth & Sports D. Zeogar Wilson’s appointment of the six-member MOYS International Sports Committee of Liberia will strengthen the Ministry of Sports and Youth opportunities to serve young athletes domestically, while connecting to the international technical support to develop policies and programs. The Minister and the committee also announced a partnership with Sagamore Institute as the primary service provider for technical support.

 “President Weah acknowledges that his participation in sports has played a significant role in his life and the life skills that have allowed him to build a life, family and a future. The Minister believes that Sagamore Institute can assist the International Sports & Coordinating Committee to build the core infrastructure that will lead to a foundation of sound policy and robust programs that will invest in the health of the young men and women of Liberia.”

 The Minister appointed a committee that is comprised of professional, trustworthy and experienced individuals to coordinate Liberia international sports efforts. Led by the Honorable Kouty Mawenh – Chairman; the members whom are Co-Chairmen and woman include, Bill Neewray, Raymond Mitchell, Dawn Garber-Russ, Solomon R. Joe, etc. The committee is under mandate to mobilize international support that would enhance the personal and social development of young people, identify avenues to create opportunities and to provide ground for them to truly reveal their potentials and to help them participate actively in every aspect of social life.

Partnering with Sagamore Institute will bring experienced veterans to the work of developing policy and implementing practical solutions. Sagamore Institute was formed as a think tank in 2004 to tackle difficult issues with civility and focus on solutions not ideology. They are driven by moving “Ideas into Action”. Their portfolio of work includes international clients, with direct work in their Africa Rising under the leadership of Professor Donald Cassell. Their organization development specialist, Douglas Hairston, will help the committee focus on making their work sustainable. This will include fundraising and program development.

Chairman Mawenh noted, “we are moving quickly because our young people have a great need to be engaged in ways that they can develop life skills and leadership skills. One of the best ways to do this is through sports.”

Contact Douglas Hairston for more information and to sign up to get updates on the committee activities via . The website that has been set up as well: